Saturday, 30 July 2011

Boy and Bear pilot animatic

This is the full length pilot animatic I directed at Cartoon Network in 2010. It was based on the short film 'Elliot's Zoo' I made the year before. 

The premise is that Elliot (boy) shares a cage in a zoo with Alan (the bear) 
which they've had to run ever since Elliot's Dad turned feral.

Had it been made into a series, each episode would have been 11 minutes long. The pilot is 13 minutes because it takes an extra couple of minutes to set up the main two characters. 

A big thankyou to Tom Parkinson, Matt Layzell and Will Crook for helping me make it.

Here are some of the pages from the show bible showing the character designs:

The design style is 'lumpy', and almost everything has lips.

Cartoon Network recently (finally) put a channel on youtube, where the original short can be seen.
I hadn't looked at it for ages until today, but it was good to see so many positive comments about it on there.

You can check it out here: Elliot's Zoo - Youtube

The reason it wasn't made? 
Focus group feedback tells us kids 'have seen talking animals before'.